Birth Companionship

“Some phrases she used were especially helpful, like—get out of your thinking brain and go into your animal brain—My husband and I cannot imagine what we would have done had Kim not been there to help us through active labor.”
— Katie P.

GIVING BIRTH WILL CHANGE YOU LIFE, but giving birth in power and leveraging the magic of birth to awaken new truths and understandings within you, well, that will heal you AND the world.

We don’t grow up reverently bowing to images of birthing people anymore, we aren’t taught in sex ed class about the intricate hormonal blueprint of birth, or about how birth is a sacred yet very normal human rite of passage that transforms those who go through its gate. Instead, there’s a real lack of exposure to birth and unfortunately a ton of forgotten wisdom and oppressive fear. I’m interested in you entering the birth portal mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and sexually prepared and very aware of your autonomous choices so that you are reborn whole and supported.

AS YOUR BIRTH COMPANION I will serve as your faithful guide, helping you dive deep and connect with your intuition and physiology. We’ll unpack and work with your fears, strategize how you can create the most supportive birthing environment for your unique birth vision, and we’ll practice tools like breath work, movement and visualization to help work with the intensity of birth. We’ll review the many options and choices you have in childbirth, and I’ll constantly remind you that you are a sovereign being and are in the driver’s seat. We’ll also put a lot of emphasis on preparing for postpartum—which is unfortunately majorly overlooked and unsupported in the United States.

At your birth I will be witness to your ceremony, remaining steady and trusting while reading and gently adjusting the energy of the room to best support physiological birth. I will remind you that you are safe, capable, and more powerful than ever before.

I believe it’s extremely beneficial to prepare yourself energetically for birth and postpartum and do the deep spiritual work prior to the main event. I work with people and couples interested in taking full responsibility for their experience and who are willing to try new things like meditation and other esoteric practices.

Before we start working together I offer a brief phone, video or in-person consultation free of charge to get to know one another. I’m happy to hear from you at any stage in your pregnancy, but it gets me extra excited to work with folks early on so there’s more time to integrate material into your lives before your birth.

Kim is a trained toLabor birth doula, former apprentice of Silver Spring Doula and has been serving families in the Washington DC area for two years and counting.

Birth Doula Program $1,200

Two, 2-hour pre-birth visits in your home

Unlimited labor and golden hour support

Support via email or text from when we start working together until your baby is 6 weeks old

1 hour postpartum home visit with 4th trimester food delivery and optional vaginal steam session

Virtual Doula Sessions +/- $175/60 min.

Don’t live in the DC Area but want some support around navigating the many options and choices you have in this process? Or maybe you are just desiring someone to hold space as you unpack fears, state your birth dream, and connect to the wisdom within. Reach out below to schedule a virtual doula 1:1 session. Partners are very welcome to join video calls.