conscious conception toolkit

conscious conception

Pre-conception is a powerful portal that can be leveraged in order to assess all aspects of your life and the shifts you’d like to make before becoming pregnant. It is my greatest wish that women start learning about their bodies and childbirth, listen to stories about normal physiological birth from wise women, face fear around social programming around childbirth, and allow themselves to dream about and prepare for their ideal pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods long before they ever call in their baby.

Preparation can include:

getting to know your cycle

addressing your own past traumas (sexual and otherwise)

releasing bodily and sexual shame

establishing a healthy relationship with food

establishing good communication with your partner

getting on common ground about the kind of parents you want to be

assessing your own birth story and upbringing

connecting to your spirit baby

connecting to the ancient line of mothers who have come before you

connecting to your mother energy and creative power

This is about becoming more self aware and conscious by creating the best environment possible for your baby and the most supportive environment possible for your own transition from maiden to mother.


*While I’ve linked these to Amazon so you can access a visual, please buy from your local bookstore or check out from your library when possible!