Postpartum support

MOST PEOPLE LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES associate postpartum with the word “depression”. the reality is that difficult births, systematic oppression, and a culturally disrespected and unsupported postpartum stage is leaving new mothers fragmented and depleted. in many Eastern cultures today and in ancient times the first few months following birth is upheld as sacred, wise women pass down healing traditions through the lineage and the community comes together to mother the new mother. thankfully times are shifting and people are starting to recognize and talk about the weight of that impact of birth.

The truth is, if you can emerge from pregnancy, birth and new motherhood whole and well, it will positively impact your health and vitality for the rest of your life.

The 5 universal postpartum needs by kimberly ann johnson:

1. Extended rest period

2. Nourishing food

3. Loving touch

4. The presence of wise women and spiritual companionship

5. Contact with nature


LET ME HONOR YOUR COMMITMENT to wholeness as you emerge from birth and settle into motherhood with nourishing food medicine inspired by Ayurveda, heart-warming adaptogenic elixirs, spiritual companionship, a non-judgmental ear, guided meditation, oil massage, gentle herbal vaginal steams, nap and bath facilitation, belly wrapping, and more.

2-hour in-person visit: +/- $105

Delivery of deeply nourishing foods, for example:

  • raw adaptogenic sweet treats for mom to calm the nervous system, build resiliency, warm and lubricate the body

  • organic, grass-fed bone broth with functional mushrooms, herbs, spices to support breastfeeding, and tons of collagen

  • traditional Ayurvedic Kitchari

  • homemade herbal teas to support immunity, the nervous system and lactation

  • delicious, warming plant-based elixirs loaded with adaptogens, herbal tea infusions and restorative fats

Gentle Herbal Vaginal Steam Session

Spiritual companionship and conversation

Processing your birth story

Gentle oil massage

Belly wrapping

Guided meditation

Light housekeeping to get your postpartum sanctuary back into a healing balance

Caring for baby while mom naps or takes a bath