pregnancy & childbirth toolkit

pregnancy & childbirth toolkit


Birth matters. The birthing woman matters, and her experience matters. The dominant culture tells us what’s important is limited to an alive mother and a healthy baby. This of course is essential, but the notion that anything more than that baseline expectation is superfluous is dismissive of women, and is indicative of the paternalistic society we live in today. Birth influences everything, and everyone, and we must recognize that birthing systems are part of a larger cultural system within an economic and political structure. As Brigitte Jordan states in her cross-cultural investigation of childbirth in four cultures, “If you know a society’s approach to birth, you will understand a great deal about the values and beliefs that are at the heart of its ecocultural systems, how it socializes its members, and how it conducts its interpersonal relationships.” I encourage all women, pregnant or not, to become cultural anthropologists and dive deep into this subject that is their birth right, unpack truths, learn about the physiological, hormonal matrix of childbirth, critique the systems that are either unaware of or ignore our human rights, stigmatize our alternative choices, and reinforce the notion that our bodies are broken. The truth is, birth and the period thereafter can be incredible, powerful, positive experiences, but we don’t often (and sometimes never) hear of those stories, and if women dare to tell them, they’re often viewed as just being “lucky”, or accused of shaming women who didn’t have such positive experiences.

In summary, women own their bodies, birth and babies, not the State, and we have the power to wake up from the amnesia of the last century, mend the broken lineage and transmit and reinforce a different message to our babies about our reality and our inherent creative power.






  • The Complete Guide to Freebirth (not just for women planning a birth out of the system, but just a radical, incredibly comprehensive take on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and wild mothering education, highly recommend!)

  • 13 Moons: the Indie Birth Experience (comprehensive 50-hour course created by experienced midwives that integrates traditional birth and midwifery wisdom, clinical experience, and amazing-Indie Birth proprietary material and birth videos to promote radiant pregnancies and awe-inspiring births.)

  • Nurture - The Online Course by Erica Chidi Cohen